How are You BEING Today?

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Mary J. Lore How are You BEING Today?As I reflected on the recent Labor Day holiday, I realized that we have become a nation of laborers.

We love to labor. We are busy, busy, busy, doing, doing, doing.

When we face a big challenge or a difficult situation, we labor. We cancel vacation, skip lunch, work through the weekend, and stay late to fix the problem, put out the fire, accomplish the result.

To succeed, we labor. We struggle, strive, do whatever it takes. We put in the hours, persevere, expend blood, sweat, and tears-no pain no gain!

Our heads are filled with what we need to, have to, should, and must do. We do things to force ourselves to get motivated. We even go into labor when we are giving birth to our children!

In my Managing Thought® workshops on Inspired Leadership, I ask everyone to think of the best and worst leaders they have ever worked with and what about these leaders made them the best and worst.

The big aha! is that nothing on these lists is about doing. It’s all about being:

Being of service.
Being honest, sincere, humble, trusting, consistent.
Being thoughtful, caring, compassionate.
Being thankful, appreciative, giving, and forgiving.
Being open, receptive, adaptable, curious.
Being a teacher and a continuous learner.
Being energetic, optimistic, fun.
Being on purpose, intentional, inspired, and inspiring.

It’s about BEING a leader.

As a nation, we tend to do in order to become. We have practiced and mastered believing that doing, motivating, forcing – laboring – brings results. It doesn’t. It brings linear, less than 10%, kind of changes, short-term results. And we find ourselves stressed, ill, unhappy, and uninspired.

Being brings step-function changes, profound change, significant and long-term results. And we find ourselves happy, healthy, and energized.

When we are being, we focus on being who we are and what we truly wish to create in any moment. The ideas on how to BE and what we could create naturally follow, naturally flow. Our channels are open, our minds are clear, and remarkable things start to happen.

We start being our highest vision of ourselves. We notice the difference we are making. Our work becomes effortless and we become energized because our decisions and actions are inspired.

Many of us do in order to become – at some time in the future.

When I am being, I am being what I am becoming-right now. I AM my highest vision, I AM inspired, I AM whatever I am choosing to become  right NOW-in this moment and in this moment and in this moment.

Stuff happens all day long. In every moment I have the opportunity to BE what I am becoming.No matter what has happened or is happening. I have the power to pause, take a breath, and wonder how I could BE a leader right now, BE a parent, BE a friend, BE of service, BE thankful, BE happy, BE healthy, BE the change I wish to see in the world…BE whatever I choose to BE.

I invite you to notice when you are operating from a love of labor-when you are busy doing, in a state of fear and force, trying to motivate yourself or others, in the need to/have to/must mode.

Change it to a labor of love and inspiration. Take a breath (perhaps several breaths) and wonder:

  • How can I BE my highest vision right now?
  • What can I create from this?
  • How could I be of highest service right now?
  • How could I help?
  • How could I demonstrate love and ignite inspiration?

Then take some time to be quiet. Take a walk, get some fresh air, exercise, do what you enjoy and WONDER.

We all have the ability to wonder and get our answers.

What’s your M.O.? Love of labor or labor of love? Being or Doing?

How are you BEING today?

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Being vs. Doing

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Mary J Lore Being vs DoingIt’s self-awareness month and with the recent celebration of Labor Day, I am reminded that we are a nation of laborers. White collar, blue collar, working, not working—we labor. We are busy, busy, busy, doing, doing, doing.

When we find ourselves with a big challenge or facing a difficult situation, we have taught ourselves to labor, to do, do, do. We cancel vacations, skip lunch, work on the weekends, stay late, and force ourselves to think until we have our answers, solved the problem, put out the fire, accomplished the result.

We believe that doing, laboring – force – brings results. We do in order to be.

What if we started with being?

Think about it—when do you get your best ideas? When I ask this in a Managing Thought® workshop, most people say – When I am in the shower.  When I first wake up.  When I am on a walk. When I am exercising.  When I’m driving. When I am relaxing. When I’m on vacation. When I am meditating. When I’m having fun and doing something I love to do.

What’s in common with these responses? You got it — we let go of our thoughts! We’re not forcing ourselves to think our thoughts. We’re not doing. We are being. And because we are being, we gain access to our highest awareness and creativity and what inspires us.

When our channels are open, our minds are clear, the world changes, and remarkable things start to happen. Creative ideas emerge when we give our minds a rest, when we do what we love to do. We don’t waste time, energy, or money. Gone are the constricting feelings of heaviness, burden, and stress and the thoughts of struggle, striving, obligation, overwhelm and being a victim.

When we are being, we focus on what is significant. We start being who we wish to become and what we wish to create. What we do naturally follows, naturally flows. Our work becomes effortless and we become energized because our decisions and actions are inspired.

So the next time you notice that your thinking and doing is labored, instead, wonder what the solution could be, wonder how you could be who you want to be and what you wish to create. Then take some time to be quiet, take a walk, get some fresh air, exercise, do what you enjoy, and see what happens.

We all have the ability to ask ourselves questions, wonder and listen for the answers. We discover the right thing to do and how to do it.  We find a power within that indeed transforms us. We become inspired and inspire others.

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For additional ideas on cultivating your life-well lived, check out this inspiring video: Resolutions, Intentions and Affirmations for a Life Well-Lived.

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Create a Vision and Make the Most of the School Year

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Back to school is a crazy time, and most of us label it as just plain stressful. If you want to enjoy more being and less doing and make the most of the school year, then give a listen to my radio show on Heartbeat Radio for Women and the Men Who Love Them.

To listen to the audio of the show (and any of my previous shows) click here.

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It’s What’s Inside That Counts

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It's what's inside that counts.My friends at Heartbeat Radio for Women posted a quote from Sharon Stone that said, “I don’t believe makeup and the right hairstyle alone can make a woman beautiful. The most radiant woman in the room is the one full of life and experience.”

This reminds me of a significant lesson I learned years ago watching Lily Tomlin in her One Woman show in Chicago. The entire evening she wore the same dress and had the same makeup and hairstyle. As she portrayed different characters, she was unattractive, ugly, repulsive, cute, sexy, and stunningly beautiful.

It was amazing, her physical beauty had NOTHING to do with her clothes, makeup or her hair. It was all about her being.

Truly, it is what’s inside that counts.

How are you BEING? What do you RADIATE?

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