What Seeds Could You Plant? What Intentions Could You Cultivate?

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PrioriTree-Spring-Equinox-New-MoonToday is the first new moon since the spring equinox. [...]

The Spring Equinox – Time to Celebrate Our Life and Work and Enjoy a Fresh Start

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Spring - Creating IntentionsSpring is a time of transition in nature and within ourselves. Many traditions around the world mark this time as the true beginning of the year. (March was the first month of the year in the original Roman calendar – a fun fact!) [...]

The Power of Appreciation: Who Could You See Differently? What Could You Celebrate?


I was enjoying a rare day at home, working in my jammies, when I got the news that a man I worked with for over ten years had died.  His service was starting in just 45 minutes, so I quickly dressed, jumped in the car, and made it just in time. [...]

Valuable Lessons I Learned from My Cousin Bernie


Mary's Cousin BernieMy cousin Bernie died.  He was 69 years old.  Thirty three years ago, the doctors said he had six months to live.  When he was a child, the doctors said he wouldn’t live past twenty one. [...]

Is Groundhog Day Stuck in Your View-Master®?

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Is Groundhog Day stuck in my View-Master? What’s she talking about? [...]

How Could You Make Work Fun and Your Soul Sing?

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I caused quite a stir at the Baltimore airport this morning. The security guy was looking at my bag on the screen and said to me, “Is that Gumby in there?” I laughed and said, “Yes! You can see him?” [...]

What is Your “I Have a Dream” Speech?

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What's Your I Have a Dream Mary J. LoreI remember when I first heard Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Even though I was a young girl, it had quite an impact on me. I didn’t blink. I got the chills. I knew I was hearing something very powerful.  I remember looking forward to being an adult and being able to fully grasp what I had just heard. [...]

The Winter Solstice: A Day to Pause, Reflect, and Feed Your Spirit

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Winter Solstice Mary J. LoreThe word “Solstice” is rooted in two Latin words: sol meaning “sun” and sistere meaning “to stand still” because it appears as though the sun and moon stop moving across the sky. To me, celebrating the solstice serves as a beautiful reminder that my life is a part of a larger order, always changing, always renewing. So it’s the perfect time for reflection and re-affirmation of what matters most and what I wish to cultivate in my work and in my life. [...]

Turning Tragedy into Inspiration: What is the Future you are Creating as you Experience the News of the Connecticut Shootings?

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Turning Tragedy into InspirationWe learn news of  the shootings and deaths of innocent children in Connecticut. We find ourselves filled with all kinds of emotions. [...]

Self-Cultivation: A Gift to the World

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Self-Cultivation is a GiftA woman emailed me. She said she was exhausted and frustrated by a laundry list of problems. People in her field of work were burnt out and she was burning out.  She  took a few days to visit some friends, to get some rest, think, and hopefully become unstuck. [...]