Help Me with my PBS Special


Can you imagine what it could be like if everyone knew how to turn worry into wonder? Stress into purpose? Blame into vision? Fear into inspiration?

I can.  It’s my personal mission to provide the tools to make that possible.


Will you help me make that difference for millions of people?

I have hundreds of true stories of CEO’s, business professionals, teachers,spiritual counselors, caregivers, medical professionals, parents, teens, kids… who have changed their lives by using the tools of Managing Thought.

I believe we can change the world … one thought at a time.

And I am so excited. Because I have been asked to present a Managing Thought Special PBS pledge week program which they “believe will help millions of viewers across North America who are looking for hope and tools to take action to improve their lives and is destined to have a tremendous impact for months and years to come.” It is the first-ever public television pledge special sponsored by individuals.

With your help, we are creating a ripple effect of considerable magnitude — helping Public Television with their pledge drives AND we’re helping millions of people restore their sense of purpose, reclaim their peace of mind, and take control of their thoughts and their lives.


When you make your tax deductible contribution* of just $25 ,  you become a Sponsor.

When you  contribute more, you can become an Associate Producer!  I’d love it if you could contribute $2,500 and become part of the Power of 100.

Contribute at whatever level feels right to you. At each level, there are some really cool gifts, and of course, the more you contribute, the gifts keep piling on.

Click on this link to learn more about the project, these cool gifts, and to make your tax deductible  contribution.

Mary Lore talks about the Managing Thought® PBS Pledge Special and the inspiration behind it.

*The National Education Telecommunication Association (NETA) is partnering with us to receive your tax deductible donation and manage the project.

Click on this link to learn more about the project, these cool gifts, and to make your tax deductible  contribution.

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Excellent Mary. Glad you are here.

Joseph A. Caulfield

  • Go for it, Mary! Bravo. We support your mission!

  • I am so excited for you and for the audience that you will reach with your great words. You have my support 100%

  • Right on, Mary, what a great idea to change the world. You have tons of friends ready and willing to help, even if in the smallest of donations.

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