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I am dedicated to helping individuals and organizations develop self-awareness, change the way they think, discover what truly matters, achieve significant results, and enjoy long-lasting success.

I share videos, updates, inspirational thoughts, gentle reminders, resources, blogs, and more that inspire audiences to take a journey. One that changes their way of life and the way they conduct business. The results, both personally and professionally are significant.

I invite you to watch this beautiful, inspiring video I created. The video sets forth powerful resolutions, intentions, invocations, and affirmations to create your life well-lived and be inspired and impactful in all you do. This is an excellent video to watch with family and friends to start the process of conscious, meaningful, purposeful living. Watch it for daily inspiration and renewal at the Spring and Autumn Equinox and the Summer and Winter Solstice. Use it as a ritual to inspire you to keep your New Year’s, Rosh Hashanah, and Chinese New Year resolutions. (If you like, you can mute the volume, play your own music, and take a moment to pause and be with each frame.)

Through Managing Thought®, we greatly impact our purpose, focus, health and happiness, as well as the success of ourselves, our families, and our organizations.

As Lao-Tzu said, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. To see more ways to embark on your Managing Thought journey with Mary Lore, CLICK HERE.

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