It’s a Wonderful World

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Over the Rainbow It's a Wonderful WorldIt’s been 8 years today, September 18th, since my late husband Gregg and I married. At the GOMF French Meadows Summer Camp in 2003, Gregg and I sang the first song we ever sang together–Over the Rainbow/What’s a Wonderful World. It became our song, with Gregg singing the lead and me harmonizing, and we sang it at our wedding two years later. Here’s the video of that special moment for me at Camp two months ago when I could finally sing the song by myself without crying. The clouds are indeed far behind me. Jason King of Portland Oregon is playing the ukelele. We’re at the campfire. Happy Anniversary, Gregg. I am so glad our paths crossed.

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What a Difference a Year Makes!

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What a Difference a Year MakesIt’s been over a year since my mom moved to a home where residents experience memory loss. I am so happy to report that she is thriving. She participates in the daily activities, wins every trivia game, helps out with dishes, laundry, and the care of fellow residents, dances like there’s no tomorrow, and loves to sing. Last week she was in a fashion show. Every afternoon, she has dates with my dad, who lives in the next building. They enjoy holding hands, snuggling, and laughing at dad’s amazing compendium of jokes. My dad is thriving, too. He’s playing guitar again, watching war movies with his buddy, working out everyday, recording his life stories for his grandchildren, enjoying movie night with me, daily afternoons with his sweetheart (my mom!) and the company of everyone he meets. And he gets to see mom interact with others, enjoy herself, and being loved by her fellow residents, which brings the biggest smile to his face.

In the year before their move, my mom wanted to die, would not leave the house, and argued about everything. My dad suffered three strokes and his world kept getting smaller and smaller.  And now, one year later, they are thriving.

Is everything perfect? No. Is everything perfect? Yes.

They are focused on what matters.  They are living, laughing, and loving.

And I so admire them. Happy 64th Anniversary!


To read about the lessons in Managing Thought during the transition of my parents from their home of forty years and how to think powerfully as we face difficult life changes, click here.

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A Women’s Guide to Thriving After Prostate Cancer

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A Woman's Guide to Thriving After Prostate CancerI met Cindie Hubiak when I presented a workshop on Managing Thought® to the Board of the Arizona Society of CPAs. Cindie, the President of the Society, impressed me on so many levels.

First, that she engaged me. She feels very strongly in giving her members tools to help them thrive as CPAs, as business owners, as leaders, and as human beings. Cindie clearly understands the significance of self-awareness and choosing thoughts that are aligned with who we truly are and what what we wish to create in our lives, our businesses, and our relationships.

Second, her ability to involve and inspire her team and her members. She is clearly of highest and best service, has fun, and achieves significant and meaningful results.

Third, we both tell people we are glad they were born when we wish them a happy birthday. :)

What most impressed me is Cindie’s personal story and her commitment to helping women whose partners are suffering or recovering from prostate cancer.   She provides the tools to honor and grieve your losses, strengthen your relationship, and lead fulfilling lives — mentally, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually.

If you or someone you know is dealing with prostate cancer, order her book: A Women’s Guide to Thriving after Prostate Cancer.

Her book isn’t just for women. It’s for men who want to empower the women in their lives and ensure their relationships thrive.

Also, visit Cindie’s website It’s an amazing resource.

P.S. Thank you, Cindie for the difference you are making.  I am honored to be included in your book as a Resource for Moving from Surviving to Thriving.  You show so beautifully and poignantly how managing our thoughts leads to self-awareness, creativity, and a life of gratitude even when we are experiencing cancer.

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The Super Bowl Inspires a Lesson in Managing Thought

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Super Bowl Inspires Lessons in Managing ThoughtIn January of 2010 I was in Indianapolis to share my Managing Thought® workshop with a group of Vistage CEOs. Usually, I start my presentation right away. This time, another speaker was scheduled before me and I was invited to sit in.

We all listened intently to Allison Melangton, the CEO of the 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee, as she walked us through the process to bring the event to a successful reality. We were amazed at the enormity of the project and that it would be put into play by only fifteen employees with the help of thousands of volunteers.

We were also impressed that Allison and her team had developed some pretty creative solutions to overcome obstacles and meet challenges, with outcomes that truly benefited the city, its communities, and its citizens – of all ages and walks of life.

As I listened, I realized that this is a success story in Managing Thought.

In my book and workshops, I talk about how, when we know we know who we truly are and what we truly want, invoke a sense of wonder, and practice thankfulness, remarkable things happen. We are able to access our highest awareness and creativity. Ideas flow easily. Goals and action plans pop out crystal clear for us to see. Because these goals come from within and are aligned with who we truly are and what we truly want, we are inspired. When we are inspired we know what to do next and how to do it. We are energized and in the zone (that’s Super Bowl talk!)

From a Managing Thought perspective, these creative and purposeful solutions presented themselves to Allison and her team because they had decided what they truly wanted. It wasn’t just to host the Super Bowl in Indianapolis. They determined the essence of what they wanted – their purpose – to utilize every resource, human and otherwise, and every dollar generated from the Super Bowl to benefit the community, long-term and short-term. And they are truly thankful for the opportunity to do so.

When an obstacle arose, they didn’t blame anyone or act like victims. Instead, they invoked the sense of wonder to find their answers. And because they established vision and purpose and were thankful for the opportunity, the ideas that flowed brought answers to their questions AND fulfilled their purpose.

Several CEOs remarked that they would NEVER want Allison’s job and asked what kept her so energized and enthusiastic. Her eyes and face lit up even more when she shared that what brought her joy was the difference that the Super Bowl would make on the kids, particularly the disadvantaged kids, in Indianapolis. She proceeded to describe the myriad of ways, pre- and post-event, short term and long term, that the Super Bowl would impact the lives of these kids.

Allison knows who she is and what she truly wants. As a result, her goals come from within and she is inspired. Her creativity abounds. She knows what to do next and how to do it. She’s energized and happy. She is invoking her light and making a difference. And I am inspired.


For more on this topic and how to manage your thoughts in everyday circumstances and how to deal with the challenges you face in practicing self-awareness and being on purpose, Click Here.

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