Guest Blogger Kris Taylor Asks: What Word Should (Might) You Want to Remove from Your Vocabulary?

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No ShouldingToday’s guest blogger is Kris Taylor, the founder of Evergreen Leadership. Kris is a respected colleague and friend with a proven track record of promoting, leading, and implementing positive change.


I had the opportunity to meet a brilliant young man this week. His list of accomplishments was long, his skill-set was broad, and his impact on others was positive and deep. Yet it was clear that he was struggling with a bad case of the “shoulds” – and the second-guessing that came with it. He should have gone to college sooner, should have had a better idea of where he was headed, should have stuck with his business venture longer, should be in a better job…

We all carry around some “shoulds” – both past and present. The list of past ”shoulds” is long and may include: I should have gone to different school, followed a different major, pursued a different career, tried harder, risked more, married differently, taken that opportunity, stayed with it longer.  And we all have an equally long list of present ”shoulds”.  They might include: I should make more money, have a better house, be a better boss, be a better parent, spend more time at work, spend more time at home, go back to school, exercise more, eat less, be kinder, make more money, work harder, relax more.

I’d like to suggest that you banish the word should (and even need to) from your vocabulary. The words connote an obligation or duty, rather than a choice or free will. “I should get a new job.” is heavy and onerous,  and conveys inaction and guilt. The “shoulds” wear us out – make our load heavy. Our past “shoulds” have us looking in the rear view mirror and beating ourselves up for missed opportunities or perceived missteps. Our future “shoulds” burden us with obligations that may or may not serve us well.

Contrast the thought “I should get a new job.” to these:

  • “I am choosing to stick with this job for the next year.”
  • “I am committed to making the best of this job, even if it is not where I want to be forever.”
  •  “It’s time for me to find a job that is a fit for me.”
  • “I wonder what steps I might take to find a job that is a fit for me.”
  • “I am curious about what I would like in a different job.”

Mary Lore, whose work on Managing Thought inspires me, provides a list of substitute words – that are accountable, freeing and focused. Instead of using the words need to, have to or should – try these substitutes:

  • I am choosing…
  • I am committed to…
  • It’s important to me that I…
  • I could…
  • Based on where I was, I chose to… Today, I am choosing…
  • I wonder how I can…
  • It could be great if…

When I began to substitute these words for my “shoulds” – there was a little jolt. This was followed by a sense of freedom – and letting go of some guilt and pressure I put on myself. I began to forgive myself and let go of past decisions and actions – and make conscious choices in the present. And I began to own the choices I was making – and make them with intention based on what I really wanted, rather than an amorphous obligation weighing on me from some other source.

So see if you can shed some “shoulds” and see what happens.

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Kris Taylor has brought together her keen insights about organizations, change and leadership to create Evergreen Leadership.  Over the past 9 years, hundreds of leaders from 50 companies across the country have worked with Kris and her talented associates for help in successfully implementing large scale, mission critical change initiatives. Evergreen Leadership reflects Kris’s signature talent of creating high impact learning programs where leaders emerge with deep insights about their own personal leadership and learn how to lead others in today’s fast paced and uncertain environment.

How Mandela Put Managing Thought® Into Practice

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Nelson MandelaNelson Mandela has died. Millions pay tribute to him around the world.

We say that he has changed the world. And he has. His thoughts, words, and deeds have created a ripple effect of considerable magnitude.

I remind myself of everyone who was, is, a part of that ripple effect. Every person who met Mandela, heard Mandela speak, learned of his mission – each person who Mandela touched – made a choice to think differently, powerfully, and create the next version of their highest vision of humanity.

Though it may seem unlikely, each of us is changing the world every day. Every thought, word, and deed each of us has as a leader, colleague, teammate, partner, parent, child, neighbor, friend, teacher, consumer, manufacturer, employer….creates a ripple effect of considerable magnitude.

In every role I play, every day, I am creating my world. I am creating the world – for better, worse, rich, poor, sickness, health. I change the world around me by changing myself.

Below I share a few stories of Mandela’s journey that exemplify lessons in Managing Thought® that apply to situations we face every day in work and life.

I invite you to pause and reflect: What am I creating? How could I be true to my highest vision of myself, my highest vision of humanity?

Just because something is common, doesn’t mean it’s normal, doesn’t mean it’s true, or that it has to be true for me. I am sure that Mandela wasn’t the only one who was aware that what was common was not what he wanted or envisioned for himself or others. Mandela took that idea, decided what he wanted: This is what I want. He intended creating it: I am creating this. He wondered how he could create it: I wonder what could I do, how could I be? He practiced and practiced creating it, because practice makes permanent. And he reflected on, celebrated, what was going right.

I often hear people citing statistics – industry, society, economics, cancer survival, personality traits, success rates, obesity – and saying, That’s the way it is. What can you do? You learn to live with it.

To me, statistics are measurements of people who are unconscious, unaware of how amazing we are — that we can create anything we can imagine. I invite you to wonder: What statistics am I citing? What is it I truly want? How could I create it?

Infinite patience brings results. Mandela was imprisoned for over 27 years. For 27 years he waited to assume his leadership role, to make his vision a reality. During that time, he cultivated himself. He cultivated his body. He cultivated his message. He cultivated his relationships. He cultivated his knowledge of the outside world. He quietly, patiently, continued to move in the direction of fulfilling his dream, his higher purpose.

Individuals and organizations often give up on their dreams because it will take too long, cost too much, take too much effort: I don’t want to go back to school. That’ll take five years. We’ve invested too much money in this equipment or this process. We can’t change now.

In our businesses, we look for short term fixes, often rooted in fear. In our lives, we take pills, get divorces – it’s faster than cultivating bodies, our minds, our spirit, and our relationships. We choose between short-term or long term-as if they are alternatives. And they are not.

What’s one thing I could do today that could create long-term and profound change for me?

I can re-act or create. I let go of the past and focus on what I am creating today. When Mandela was released from prison, a great many people wanted to focus on the injustice of his imprisonment, the pain and suffering endured by Mandela, and the oppression of the South African people during his imprisonment. Mandela made the decision and guided his followers to let go of the past and focus on the future they were creating.

We suffer loss, experience tragedy and disappointment in our lives and work. Stuff is always happening that is different than what I expect, I believe, I have learned, and what I hope and envision for myself and others.

When I catch myself angry, frustrated, complaining, blaming, being a victim, regretting, second-guessing, unforgiving – I know that these thoughts and emotions are telling me, at the essence, who I truly am and what I truly wish to create.

I can re-act my past or create. It is up to me. It is always up to me. What am I re-acting?  What could I choose to create?

I notice when I am in Fight, Flight, and Freeze and pause to add light. I change the world around me by changing myself. Many describe Mandela as saintly, citing his ability to forgive those who imprisoned him, tortured him, and oppressed his people. Those who were close to Mandela know that he was not a saint. He experienced anger. He experienced bitterness. He had thoughts of revenge and retribution.

He paused. He wondered what he wished to create and how to create it. He chose to acknowledge his thoughts and emotions privately. He knew that, as a leader, every word he spoke, every action would create a ripple effect of considerable magnitude.

He chose to assume his leadership role and lovingly guide others. He chose to serve as a prototype of a new age and be the change he wished to see in the world.

I notice I am in Fight, Flight, or Freeze. I pause. I wonder. I choose. I create.

My focus creates my reality. Prior to 1990, Mandela was often referred to by world leaders and in the media as a terrorist. Supporters of Mandela believed that it could be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve world wide support for a terrorist. On April 16, 1990 a music concert took place: Nelson Mandela: An International Tribute for a Free South Africa at Wembley Stadium, London, and was broadcast to more than 60 countries. It was held two months after Mandela’s release from prison. They presented Mandela as a hero and called for people across the world to continue pressing for apartheid’s abolition – to create a free South Africa.

Every time I say, I am, I can’t, I don’t, I am creating my focus and commanding my brain to help me create that reality. I am a loser, I’m getting old, I can’t lose weight, I don’t exercise like I should, I’m depressed, I suffer from anxiety, I don’t floss enough, I can’t sell, We can’t execute, We’re a commodity….

What labels am I using that are focused on what I don’t want? I wonder what I could want. What could be my new label?

I can create anything I can imagine. Mandela used sports to help his people, and the world, imagine a South Africa with blacks and whites working together to reach a common goal-and winning. The movie Invictus tells this story.

We often criticize ourselves, our lives, our organizations. We want more balance, less stress, better relationships. We want less debt. We don’t want to be a commodity….

Focusing on what I don’t want and don’t like, does not tell me what I do want. Focusing on what I don’t want and don’t like doesn’t help me to create my highest vision.

When I can imagine me being balanced, being at peace, cultivating a great relationship, growing my net worth and being of highest service and richly rewarded, then I can create it.

I wonder what being _____________ looks like? What are possible things I could do and be if I were living ____________? What’s one thing I could practice? What could be my ritual? When I notice I am not practicing, what’s my do-over? How can I celebrate my progress?

We are changing the world — one thought at a time.

May your thoughts bring you peace and inspire you!!!


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It’s a Wonderful World

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Over the Rainbow It's a Wonderful WorldIt’s been 8 years today, September 18th, since my late husband Gregg and I married. At the GOMF French Meadows Summer Camp in 2003, Gregg and I sang the first song we ever sang together–Over the Rainbow/What’s a Wonderful World. It became our song, with Gregg singing the lead and me harmonizing, and we sang it at our wedding two years later. Here’s the video of that special moment for me at Camp two months ago when I could finally sing the song by myself without crying. The clouds are indeed far behind me. Jason King of Portland Oregon is playing the ukelele. We’re at the campfire. Happy Anniversary, Gregg. I am so glad our paths crossed.

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Turning Tragedy into Inspiration: What is the Future you are Creating as you Experience the News of the Connecticut Shootings?

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Turning Tragedy into InspirationWe learn news of  the shootings and deaths of innocent children in Connecticut. We find ourselves filled with all kinds of emotions.

This is not surprising. Something has happened that’s painful and very different from what we expect, what we believe, what we have learned, what we hope for, and what we envision for ourselves and others. And when that happens, our brains do their jobs to keep us functioning efficiently and effectively, safe and out of danger. They immediately deliver to us fight, flight, and freeze thoughts and the emotions that go with them.

Anger, outrage, criticism, judgment, blame, revenge, hopelessness, powerlessness, sadness, despair, shock, and disbelief, are all fight, flight, and freeze thoughts.

Are these bad thoughts and emotions? No — they are not bad. They are gifts.

They serve as a moment of truth, a moment of grand awareness of who I truly am and what I truly wish to create in this world.

Anger, outrage, blame, criticism, judgment, and revenge for example, present the awareness that whatever I am experiencing is NOT in alignment with who I am and what I wish to create in this world.

Grief and sadness present the awareness of what IS important to me, what IS of value to me, and what I truly wish to create in my life and in the world.

This is true for us individually and collectively. Every event, particularly the tragic ones, serves as a defining moment, a significant opportunity to create the next version of the highest vision of ourselves as a person, a friend, a parent, a family, a teacher, a leader, an organization, a community, a nation, a world.

In this moment, I can choose to hold and re-act the fight, flight, and freeze thoughts or I can choose to focus on and create the next version of the highest vision of myself.

Re-act or create. It is up to me. It is always up to me.

Rather than label or judge a situation or a person as bad or good, I can decide who I am in relationship to it and choose the vision of what I wish to create from it.

I may think I am a victim. I am not a victim. I am a creator. I may think I can judge, even condemn. I am not a judge. I am a creator.

I create. Every thought I choose to hold is creating–for better or worse. Individually and collectively. And when it comes down to it, the essence of every thought I have is love or fear.

Fight, flight, and freeze thoughts are rooted in fear. Thoughts of vision, purpose, being of service and making a difference,  wonder and possibility, thankfulness, and joy are rooted in love.

Thoughts rooted in love bring us peace and inspire us and it’s when we are inspired that we achieve long-lasting, meaningful change and significant results.

I choose to create. I choose love.

So as I see, hear, read, and process the news of the Connecticut shootings,  I notice my fight, flight, and freeze thoughts and the emotions as they arise and continue to arise.  I feel them.  I own them. I take a breath and I wonder what I wish to create and I choose thoughts that move me in a direction that serves, contributes and creates the  next version of the highest vision of myself.

I pause. I breathe. I wonder. I choose. I inspire. I create.

These are some questions I can ask myself  when I notice I am in fight, flight, and freeze.

  • What can I say or do right now for the greater good?
  • How can I make a difference in this moment?
  • How can I be of highest and best service in this moment?
  • What could I be thankful for in this moment?
  • How can I demonstrate love in this moment?
  • How can I help?

I can ask these questions with respect to:

  • Those involved
  • My children
  • My family
  • All children
  • All families
  • My school
  • Our schools
  • My community
  • My country
  • All of humanity

For example, I may notice that I am profoundly sad for the parents and the loss of their children. When I take my breath and wonder, I may notice that I am inspired to love and appreciate my children or institute “date night” with my children.  I may notice I am inspired to help coordinate prayer vigils, or activities to write letters or help the families in some way. I may be inspired to help institute programs to help children be safe or learn how to choose peace over violence. I may be inspired to practice being in the moment and practice experiencing the joy and adventure of each stage of my child’s growth and development. I may want to start practicing being kind to myself and others.

Or perhaps I notice I am critical of the educational system or the parenting of the shooter. When I take my breath and wonder, I may notice I am inspired to be a good parent and practice being a good parent. I may be inspired to teach my children about self-awareness and how to manage their thoughts and emotions. I may be inspired to become involved in a meaningful way with my children’s education or contribute to an organization that is dedicated to the treatment of mental illness.

The opportunities to demonstrate love, be of service, help, make a difference, and  affect the greater good are infinite–in any moment. And this is what lights our fire. This is what invokes our light and inspires us. We are all about creating the next version of the highest vision of ourselves.

What we do in times of difficulty can be our greatest success. For the experience we create is a declaration of who we are and who we intend to be.

Confucius said, “To put the world right in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life…”

How are you being in relation to the news of the day? What is the future you are creating?


© 2012 Mary J. Lore and Managing Thought LLC All rights reserved.

Self-Cultivation: A Gift to the World

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Self-Cultivation is a GiftA woman emailed me. She said she was exhausted and frustrated by a laundry list of problems. People in her field of work were burnt out and she was burning out.  She  took a few days to visit some friends, to get some rest, think, and hopefully become unstuck.

Her friends left a gift for her on the bedside table — the book, Managing Thought. As she read the book, she realized that some of her problems, and of those in her profession, were creations of limiting beliefs they had cast upon themselves.   She realized that her real answers to her question, “How to get unstuck?”  involved thinking differently about who she is, what she wants, and how she works with those she serves.

She was thankful that her friends were aware of the book, read the book, and gave her the book. It changed her life. And it’s changing the lives of many, because this woman leads an association of teachers, administrators, social workers, principals, program directors, and librarians who are dedicated to the education of young children and their families. The ripple effect is of considerable magnitude.

Wow! I love this story because it brings to life what I say at the end of every workshop I do: Practicing self-awareness and managing my thoughts is the best gift I give to myself, those with whom I live, work, and play, and through the ripple effect, the world.

Confucius once said: To put the world right in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order (I add organizations to this); to put the family in order, we must first cultivate ourselves.

We cultivate our selves by managing our thoughts. We change the world … one thought at a time.

What thoughts are you cultivating? What gift are you giving the world?

PS   I invite you take advantage of the special offers to give the gift of Managing Thought to yourself, your friends, your family (age twelve and up), colleagues, management teams. Choose whatever style works for you–hardcover, digital, kindle, nook, online, audio, video, print: The Multiple Award-Winning Book, Audio Book, workshop DVD, the new  Thankfulness Companion Guide Audio Book and PDF and the new Mindfulness MondayTM online course in Managing Thought.



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September is Self-Awareness Month

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September is Self Awareness MonthAre you self-aware?

When I ask this question in my workshops, and it doesn’t matter if I am with CEOs, management teams, educators, parents, medical professionals, graduate students, or teens, the answer is a resounding: I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it.

Yet, according to various studies and authorities, self-awareness is the:

  • #1 characteristic of a successful entrepreneur
  • #1 characteristic of a high performing leader
  • #1 characteristic of an authentic leader
  • #1 factor of predicting success in business

And we have been hearing in the spiritual realm for thousands of years that self-awareness is the #1 characteristic of a successful human being.

This is not surprising to me. Because everything we say and do first begins in a thought. Everything.

In my experience, most of us have not thought about our thoughts. We have no idea what we are thinking.

We don’t realize that we are making thousands of choices every day, thousands of decisions every day.

We don’t realize that most of our thoughts are rooted in fear, focused on what we don’t want –They’re not moving us in a direction that serves our true purpose.

We don’t realize that we’re not inspired.

I can’t even begin to describe how much power each and everyone of us has.

Every thought we have is creating — for better and worse — richer and poorer — sickness and health.

Individually and collectively.

We all have the ability to be self-aware, to notice what we are thinking, how we are feeling, and if we are in alignment with who we truly are and what we truly wish to create in this world.

We all have the ability to choose the thoughts we wish to hold, to create health and happiness and be creative, inspired, and impactful in everything we do.

Confucius once said: To put the world right in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first cultivate ourselves.

This is true for us as individuals and as organizations, particularly in such fast-moving and volatile times.

I change the world around me by changing myself. And I change myself through self-awareness, self-mastery, and being on-purpose.

Are you self-aware?


For daily self-awareness thoughts and inspiration follow Managing Thought on Twitter or “like” Managing Thought on Facebook to receive them as they post.

I have dedicated my life and work to helping individuals and organizations develop self-awareness, think differently, think powerfully, and achieve significant, meaningful, and long-lasting results. If you are truly interested in practicing self-awareness and being inspired and impactful in everything you do, visit and

For additional ideas on cultivating your life-well lived, check out this inspiring video: Resolutions, Intentions and Affirmations for a Life Well-Lived.

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It’s the Launch of Mindfulness Monday™- and You’re Invited!

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Change Your World with Mindfulness MondayEverything that we say, do, and create first begins in thought. Everything.

I can’t begin to describe how powerful each of us is – how powerful you are. Every thought we have is creating. For better or worse. Individually and collectively.

Most of us have no idea what we’re thinking. We think we’re thinking positively, we’re not. We think we are focused on what we truly want – we’re not. We keep living each day like we did yesterday – stressed, uninspired, trying to figure out our true purpose.

The good news is we all have the ability to be aware of our thoughts, know if the thought is working for us or against us, and choose powerful thoughts that serve our purpose.

Mindfulness Monday isn’t about thinking “happy” thoughts. It’s about choosing thoughts that are in alignment with who we truly are and what we truly wish to create in this world.

We all have the ability to turn worry into wonder, fear into inspiration, stress into purpose. We do. It takes practice.

We’ve mastered all the thoughts that are not working for us. Now it’s time to master thoughts that serve our purpose.

A Year of Mindfulness

With 60,000 thoughts a day, you may be wondering where to start. Many people, having read my book or attended one of my workshops, have asked me for support and coaching, on a regular basis, to help them deepen their experience and make Managing Thought a way of living.

That’s why I created Mindfulness Monday, my new 52-week online course in Managing Thought®. I believe this is the very best way to change the way you think and re-open your connection with your highest awareness.

Mindfulness Monday gives you training a little bit at a time, spread out over a whole year.

A Guided Experience

I am your guide and mentor for this year of Mindful Mondays and I am committed to ensuring that you get what you need from this course.

Each powerful thought brings significant results. As these powerful thoughts are repeated and mastered gradually over time, we start experiencing our true nature: We are happy, healthy, creative, expansive, full of energy, and inspired. We are fully present, on purpose, at peace, and playful.

Our lives and our work are filled with joy and aliveness.

In addition, through the Managing Thought Community, you also give and receive support of a whole community of men and women who are practicing managing thoughts in all sorts of ways and places—businesses, churches, hospitals, schools, meetings, improving their relationships, taking tests, and raising their children.

Every moment is a new moment. And every moment we have the ability to choose who we are and what we wish to create in this world.

When we manage our thoughts, it is the best gift we give to ourselves, our family, friend and workmates and through the ripple effect, the world.

Confucius said way back when: To put the world right in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first cultivate ourselves.

It’s my personal mission to help change the world…one thought at a time.

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you and invite you to sign up today at a special VIP price.

May your thoughts bring you peace and inspire you.




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The Pursuit of Being Truly Happy

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Mary Lore Pursuing True HappinessEvery July 4th, I am thankful to our Founding Fathers for their passion, their commitment, to our freedom to pursue that which makes us happy –our freedom to be who we truly are and to create what we truly wish to create in this world.

Are you exercising the inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness? Are you truly happy?

It is our nature to be happy. That’s our nature. If we are not, something is amiss.

I invite you to read or listen to this Forward ThinkingTM Reminder on the pursuit of happiness. It covers the difference between emotional happiness and true happiness.

I am having carrot cake today – to celebrate my independence, my freedom to BE happy, and sculpt the work in progress that is me.

© 2012 Mary J. Lore and Managing Thought LLC All rights reserved.

A Women’s Guide to Thriving After Prostate Cancer

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A Woman's Guide to Thriving After Prostate CancerI met Cindie Hubiak when I presented a workshop on Managing Thought® to the Board of the Arizona Society of CPAs. Cindie, the President of the Society, impressed me on so many levels.

First, that she engaged me. She feels very strongly in giving her members tools to help them thrive as CPAs, as business owners, as leaders, and as human beings. Cindie clearly understands the significance of self-awareness and choosing thoughts that are aligned with who we truly are and what what we wish to create in our lives, our businesses, and our relationships.

Second, her ability to involve and inspire her team and her members. She is clearly of highest and best service, has fun, and achieves significant and meaningful results.

Third, we both tell people we are glad they were born when we wish them a happy birthday. :)

What most impressed me is Cindie’s personal story and her commitment to helping women whose partners are suffering or recovering from prostate cancer.   She provides the tools to honor and grieve your losses, strengthen your relationship, and lead fulfilling lives — mentally, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually.

If you or someone you know is dealing with prostate cancer, order her book: A Women’s Guide to Thriving after Prostate Cancer.

Her book isn’t just for women. It’s for men who want to empower the women in their lives and ensure their relationships thrive.

Also, visit Cindie’s website It’s an amazing resource.

P.S. Thank you, Cindie for the difference you are making.  I am honored to be included in your book as a Resource for Moving from Surviving to Thriving.  You show so beautifully and poignantly how managing our thoughts leads to self-awareness, creativity, and a life of gratitude even when we are experiencing cancer.

© 2012 Mary J. Lore and Managing Thought LLC All rights reserved.

Happy Spring! It’s time to Renew Your Intentions

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Mary Lore Spring RenewalThe sweet smell of spring is in the air. Trees are budding, bulbs are blooming. It’s a time of renewal. And a great time to refresh and renew ourselves.

Many of us are experiencing incredible shifts in our lives, experiencing grief over the loss of what once was, and fear of the uncertainty that lies ahead.

We think something’s wrong and nothing is wrong. We are experiencing the same type of challenge that a seed faces when it bursts through its seed casing; that a seedling faces when it bursts through the surface of the soil and is exposed to the light and the wind and rain, and; that a bud experiences when it bursts into flower.

We are in the midst of creating the next highest vision of ourselves.

Our brains, bless their hearts, have no idea how to help us during this amazing transition.

You may notice that old, negative, weak thought patterns are emerging. They can be the result of our previous practices of fight, flight, and freeze thoughts. They can be the result of conclusions we’ve drawn on what the brain believes are similar experiences. They can be a result of habits we’ve developed in dealing with past circumstances.

Remember to see these thoughts for what they are—thoughts. We are the observer of these thoughts, and we can choose whether to utilize these thoughts or not.

When these weak and negative thoughts reappear, they can be frightening. You may ask yourself, “Why are they back? I thought this was long gone, not a part of my nature anymore?” The key observation and reminder here is that the reappearance of these thoughts is, in fact, a form of detoxification—a purification of your thinking. Old, negative, weak thinking stored in your brain from past experiences is rising to the surface to be washed away. The fact that you are observing the thoughts and emotions, and not unconsciously surrendering to them, is indicative of the growth you have achieved and worthy of celebration.

Take a moment to acknowledge how far you have come and affirm your commitment to creating the next highest vision of yourself.

If you have no idea what that next highest vision of yourself is — then it’s time to re-invoke the state of wonder. Wonder what’s next, with genuine curiosity, and a sense of adventure.

Then take care to re-establish your connection with your highest awareness and re-align yourself with your true nature: Do the things you love to do, that energize you, vitalize your health, and make you smile and laugh.  Help someone. Take time to be quiet each day. Practice thankfulness.

When we are in a state of purpose and intention, wonder and possibility, thankfulness, calm and happiness, we are in touch with our highest awareness and become inspired. We receive creative ideas on what to do next and how to do it and remarkable things start to happen.

I invite you to watch this inspiring video as part of your spring renewal and refresh process: Intentions, Affirmations, and Resolutions for Creating a Life Well-Lived.

What’s one thing you could practice to refresh, renew, and create your life well-lived?


© 2012 Mary J. Lore and Managing Thought LLC All rights reserved.