It’s the Launch of Mindfulness Monday™- and You’re Invited!

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Change Your World with Mindfulness MondayEverything that we say, do, and create first begins in thought. Everything.

I can’t begin to describe how powerful each of us is – how powerful you are. Every thought we have is creating. For better or worse. Individually and collectively.

Most of us have no idea what we’re thinking. We think we’re thinking positively, we’re not. We think we are focused on what we truly want – we’re not. We keep living each day like we did yesterday – stressed, uninspired, trying to figure out our true purpose.

The good news is we all have the ability to be aware of our thoughts, know if the thought is working for us or against us, and choose powerful thoughts that serve our purpose.

Mindfulness Monday isn’t about thinking “happy” thoughts. It’s about choosing thoughts that are in alignment with who we truly are and what we truly wish to create in this world.

We all have the ability to turn worry into wonder, fear into inspiration, stress into purpose. We do. It takes practice.

We’ve mastered all the thoughts that are not working for us. Now it’s time to master thoughts that serve our purpose.

A Year of Mindfulness

With 60,000 thoughts a day, you may be wondering where to start. Many people, having read my book or attended one of my workshops, have asked me for support and coaching, on a regular basis, to help them deepen their experience and make Managing Thought a way of living.

That’s why I created Mindfulness Monday, my new 52-week online course in Managing Thought®. I believe this is the very best way to change the way you think and re-open your connection with your highest awareness.

Mindfulness Monday gives you training a little bit at a time, spread out over a whole year.

A Guided Experience

I am your guide and mentor for this year of Mindful Mondays and I am committed to ensuring that you get what you need from this course.

Each powerful thought brings significant results. As these powerful thoughts are repeated and mastered gradually over time, we start experiencing our true nature: We are happy, healthy, creative, expansive, full of energy, and inspired. We are fully present, on purpose, at peace, and playful.

Our lives and our work are filled with joy and aliveness.

In addition, through the Managing Thought Community, you also give and receive support of a whole community of men and women who are practicing managing thoughts in all sorts of ways and places—businesses, churches, hospitals, schools, meetings, improving their relationships, taking tests, and raising their children.

Every moment is a new moment. And every moment we have the ability to choose who we are and what we wish to create in this world.

When we manage our thoughts, it is the best gift we give to ourselves, our family, friend and workmates and through the ripple effect, the world.

Confucius said way back when: To put the world right in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first cultivate ourselves.

It’s my personal mission to help change the world…one thought at a time.

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you and invite you to sign up today at a special VIP price.

May your thoughts bring you peace and inspire you.




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Resolutions, Intentions and Affirmations for a Life Well-Lived

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I am delighted to share this YouTube Video I prepared as a gift to my friends, family, clients and colleagues.

I hope you enjoy it, share it and view it again and again as you continue to sculpt the work of art in progress that is you.

What one thing could you practice to create your life well-lived?


The next series of blogs and daily thoughts and inspiration are powerful statements, intentions, resolutions, affirmations and questions on creating a life well-lived. There are three posts a day.

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If you would like to help me help others create their life well-lived, go to Mary’s PBS Pledge Special to learn four ways you can help.

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Let’s Say No! to the Cold & Flu Season – and Take Ownership of our Health & Vitality

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We are moving into that time of year that we call cold and flu season. We speak of it with such certainty.  And that’s the problem. We think of the cold and flu season with certainty—as if it’s reality—and it is not reality. It is the reality we have created for ourselves, individually and collectively.  With a little self-awareness and Managing Thought, we can put and end to cold and flu season, take back control of our health and boost our immunity.

Right now your brain might be saying, “Hey! Everyone gets a cold or the flu at this time of year.”  Your brain may even be citing statistics or reciting the multitude of marketing and advertising messages about cold and flu season. Please thank your brain for sharing and remember, just because something is common, does not mean it is normal, or natural, or that it has to be true for you.

We act as if we are victims of cold and flu season. We aren’t. We are victims of our thoughts about cold and flu season, thoughts we continue to have and hold on the inevitability of our catching a cold and getting the flu at this time every year — slides we continue to put into our ViewMasters®. With the cold and flu season slide stuck in our ViewMasters, we don’t see that we are creating the cold and flu season, that our minds and bodies are re-acting the cold and flu seasons of our past as we make hundreds of choices every day that negatively impact our immune system and our health.

The good news is: We can change the slides! We can focus on what we want (good health and a strong immune system) instead of re-acting what we don’t want (cold and flu.)

If you think thoughts such as “I get a cold this time every year,” “Whenever I get a cold, it always turns into bronchitis,” or “When one kid comes home sick, we all get sick,” you are focused on what you don’t want. You are also instructing your brain to cause your body to get a cold this time every year, to get bronchitis, and get sick with whatever your kids bring home. Your brain makes your body do exactly what you have told it to do. And your brain has no instructions to follow to help you cultivate health or strengthen your immune system. It’s too busy looking for evidence that it’s flu season and fulfilling your instructions to get sick!

It’s time for us to pay attention to what is negatively impacting our immune system at this time of year: The change of seasons, the stress of managing our selves and our kids and all the activities of school, making 4th quarter numbers at work, preparing budgets and plans for next year, getting ready for the holiday, foregoing sleep and exercise, and eating fast foods that do little to strengthen our nourish our bodies.

So when you catch yourself with the Cold and Flu Season slide in your ViewMaster, take a moment to replace it with your I Choose Health, Happiness and a Strong Immune System slide and see what happens.  Choose the How can I move and shake my body today? Choose the I Wonder how I can take care of my body today slide, the What can I choose to eat and drink that fuels my body? slide and see what happens.

We can create slides on taking time to be quiet each day, breathing, relaxing, laughing, practicing thankfulness, and focusing on what we care about, all of which boost our immune systems. When our brains receive these instructions, they search for opportunities to create that reality. We start scheduling water breaks, noticing vegetables on the menu, taking walks, breathing, relaxing, connecting with family and friends and creating happiness and significance in our lives.

How could you say No! to colds and flu and take ownership of your health & vitality?

The theme of our next series of daily inspiration thoughts for the day are focused on creating health and vitality in our lives. There are three posts a day offering guidance on how to turn what is significant to you to reality by daily cultivation of our minds, bodies and spirits. Follow or visit Managing Thought on Twitter or “like” Managing Thought on Facebook to receive them as they post or come back to this blog daily and view the Daily Inspiration on Twitter feed in the right-hand menu bar.

If you want to make health and vitality  a resolution, watch this video for some practical tools on how to make resolutions you can keep. To read my Forward ThinkingTM Reminder on this topic, click here.

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