It’s a Wonderful World

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Over the Rainbow It's a Wonderful WorldIt’s been 8 years today, September 18th, since my late husband Gregg and I married. At the GOMF French Meadows Summer Camp in 2003, Gregg and I sang the first song we ever sang together–Over the Rainbow/What’s a Wonderful World. It became our song, with Gregg singing the lead and me harmonizing, and we sang it at our wedding two years later. Here’s the video of that special moment for me at Camp two months ago when I could finally sing the song by myself without crying. The clouds are indeed far behind me. Jason King of Portland Oregon is playing the ukelele. We’re at the campfire. Happy Anniversary, Gregg. I am so glad our paths crossed.

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Creating an Ideal Marriage

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Creating the Ideal MarriageToday is the Anniversary of my marriage to my late husband, Gregg.

When Gregg and I decided to get married, we used the PrioriTreeTM process outlined in my Managing Thought book. We each wrote down seven words to describe what we each thought creates an ideal marriage.

Over the course of the next three months, as we walked, washed dishes, drove in the car, we discussed each word and together, we wrote down the story of us living that word – what are we doing, how are we being, when we are living that word.

The discussion was significant, because the words had different meanings for each of us and we could now understand how we could truly be of service to each other, bring out the best in each other, and invoke each others’ light.

These are our words:


I am so pleased to say that in the months that followed, Gregg and I, with love and lots of do-overs, fulfilled our vision.

The vision helped us to be so in the moment with each other, that when he died just four months after writing our vision, it didn’t feel like we were together for such a short time. It felt like we were together forever.

I am so thankful because this vision is now serving as the starting point, the baseline, for my future relationships.

I know that my capacity to love continues to grow. It is infinite.

Happy Anniversary, Gregg. I am so glad we met and our paths crossed.


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The Power to Choose Significance


Mary Lore and Gregg Simmons 9-18-2005On September 18, 2002, I was in Taos, New Mexico for a week-end retreat. At the time, I was in the process of dramatically changing my line of work, transitioning from the world of finance and crisis management to the world of Managing Thought®. I had never been to a retreat before and the only reason I went was to meet Taoist Master Ni Hua-Ching. He had fully dedicated himself to help people raise their consciousness and bring about a better world and I wanted to learn first-hand how he had constructed this life for himself.

As it turns out, Master Ni didn’t show. He returned to China and put the retreat in the hands of his two sons. My first thoughts and emotions were of disappointment. I wanted to speak with Master Ni. Only Master Ni could make this retreat worthwhile for me!

I quickly recovered and with full faith that something valuable and meaningful could be gained, I wondered what it could be. I went to breakfast, sat down and looked across the table into the eyes of an amazing man who I married three years later, on September 18, 2005 – Gregg Simmons.

During our time together, I gained so much.

  • He helped me expand my capacity to love deeply, laugh heartily and live life fully.
  • He saw the love and light in me, held up the mirror so I could see it too, and he encouraged me to share this light with others.
  • He introduced me to his friends who are now my friends.
  • When he died suddenly just three months after our wedding, friends and family said it was a shame that our time together was so short. Because we were so in the moment in each of our moments, it felt like we were together forever. He helped me experience the true power of being in the moment.

As I reflect on this, I find a valuable and meaningful lesson.

On the surface, it seems that September 18th is a day of great significance for me.

To me, the real significance is in the moment, in the choices I made when I learned that I wouldn’t be meeting Master Ni. In that moment, I could have chosen to remain disappointed or get angry, leave the retreat or skip breakfast. I could have been so caught up in my emotions that I didn’t notice Gregg, or listen to him, or caused him to be disinterested in me.

Because I chose to wonder how I could gain something valuable and meaningful from the retreat to help me be of service to the world, I met the man who helped me to do just that.

I have the opportunity for significance all day long every day. As “stuff” happens, I always have the opportunity to choose who I wish to become and what I wish to create in this world.

I have the power to choose significance.

How can you choose significance today?

For more on this, read or listen to the Forward Thinking™ Reminder, Choosing Intentions.

P.S.  Gregg Simmons, it is my honor and joy to have been your best friend, lover, confidante, teacher, student and fellow adventurer.  Thank you for introducing me to carrot cake. I am enjoying a piece as I write this and I raise my plate to you!

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The Best Birthday Gift Ever

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Mary's Birthday WishEver since I was a little girl, I’ve asked for only one thing for my birthday gift (drove my parents crazy!) It was always something special, that I really wanted — a Tressie doll (her hair grew!), a 12-transistor radio, a first baseman’s glove.

When I turned 49, I asked my husband for a trip to Italy for my 50th birthday. We didn’t get to go, because he died suddenly, unexpectedly, a few weeks later.  We had only been married three months!

So where’s the gift in that?  Let me share.

On January 3, 2006 I finished writing Managing Thought. I hesitated to publish the book. I wondered if I would practice what I teach in the face adversity.

Two days later my husband died.  And that year, I experienced all the events on the list of events that could lead someone to commit suicide or experience severe depression.

I decided to keep busy on my 50th birthday and chose that day to move to a new home. As  I was unpacking dishes, I had thoughts that this wasn’t how I ever expected to spend my birthday, much less my 50th! No cake, no gifts, no celebration.

Then out of the box of dishes popped a card. It was in Gregg’s handwriting and it said, “Happy Birthday, Sweet Mary.”  I gasped. The card wasn’t there when I packed the box! I had never seen the card before.  I couldn’t explain it.

I decided to take in the wonder of it all.  Each of the experiences of that year came to mind and it hit me–I realized I do practice what I teach. And I became inspired to publish the book.

I have tears of joy and thankfulness as I realize that my book is now being read by men and women all over the world and in Korea, India, China & Hispanic countries – in their language.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to be of service, to help the world in some way, and I realize I am doing that every day through the book.

So that day I got the one gift that I truly wanted – the best birthday gift ever.

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